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Summer Dance Internship

"My Brooklyn, My Arts" -  The Truth is in the Youth


        My Brooklyn, My Arts”, is a multi-dimensional community arts project, where youth from the ages of 10-18  will be trained on the process of using their ideas and feeling to create performances.  While simultaneously training in dance performance, students will participate in discussions on having pride in, uniting and uplifting their community.  Topics such as the importance of community service and giving back to their community are discussed.  Through these discussions of what their Brooklyn community means to them, teaching artists  use this as material to create pieces of dance set to music, poetry and singing. After the performance is set these same youths during the summer  take this performance and go back into their community and provide free shows at places such as; Senior citizen homes, Hospitals, Community Centers etc.. The final performance is a public showcase of what their Brooklyn Community means to them through, music, arts and dance. 


Phone#:(646) 533-5013  Email:    

"My Brooklyn My Arts" 2014  PERFORMANCE PHOTO'S 
June 22nd, Imani House,  Walk To Live Event @ Prospect Park

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