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About Us

BATINGUA ARTS is a multifaceted, multicultural performing arts company dedicated to the preservation, education and celebration of traditional art forms.  Batingua is unique in that it preserves traditional dances while simultaneously creating innovative dances using as a foundation arts from the African diaspora.  Batingua reaches all audiences by drawing its material and expressing it through a variety of Afro-Caribbean rooted art forms such as; modern, jazz, capoeira, acrobatics, hip hop, samba, salsa, reggae, soca, spoken word and many, many more.  

Under the direction of Artistic Director Persephone DaCosta and Musical Director Justin Kafando, Batingua electrifies audiences with their high energy, breathtaking performances.  The dances take you around Africa and the Caribbean as the heart pounding drums lift your spirits to indescribable realms.  The beautiful dancers both mesmerize and energize you to jump out of your seats and move your feet.  Audiences sing aloud, clap along and feel the ancestral spirits move the inner dancer hidden in us all.



Batingua (Bah-ting-ah) Arts is an Afro-Caribbean Dance and Drum Company.   Batingua is a mo're word from the mo're people of Burkina Faso.  Batingua means "the land of my ancestors".  Thus, Batingua Arts means “Arts from my Ancestors land”.   Batingua's mission to unify people through the preservation, education and celebration of ancestral arts.  Batingua specializes in traditional West African dances specifically from Ivory Coast and Guinea, traditional East African dances from Tanzania,  and dances from Trinidad, Jamaica  and Haiti.  Batingua Arts is also known for its unique creations of  dances which fuse many dance styles and techniques both traditional and contemporary from the African Diaspora.    



Batingua Arts vision is to unify people through the Arts.
  To work with all cultures and generations to help create a safe zone of artistic learning and creative expression through exploring the universal mediums of dance and music.


Research and study ancestral arts from Africa and the Caribbean to preserve the culture and educate through celebrations which will unify communities.

2.  Create a forum through; workshops, classes, performances, residencies etc.. where the celebratory style of African and Caribbean dance and music can be used as a universal medium to transcend any barriers, ie.  Cultural, generational, language, disabilities etc…

3.  Use Afro-Caribbean dance and its fusion with contemporary dance forms as a gateway to reach disadvantaged and troubled youths; to build self esteem and a forum for self exprression and self exploration while simoutaneously instilling in these youthes a variety of social and survival skills.  ie. Team work, conflict resolution, problem solving, multi-tasking, communitcation skills, public speaking etc..



to keep alive or in existence; make lasting, to keep up; maintain

the act or process of imparting or acquiring particular knowledge or skills.

CELEBRATION: To observe (a day or event) with ceremonies of respect, festivity, or rejoicing. To extol or praise.



In 2003 while working with at risk youth in Brentwood, Long Island Ms. Persephone DaCosta realized that the youth had a lot to say and a special way of expressing  their repressed feelings.  The Arts for them was freedom to express, feel and create. They had something they wanted to say through their own contemporary dance forms.  Ms. Dacosta understood that it was important for today's youth to know traditional dances as well as basic ballet technique.  This would serve as a foundation for all other movement and increase their flexibility, strength and discipline.  Nevertheless, the youth were more concerned about Hip Hop and video “booty shaking dancing”. 


It was here that Batingua’s vision came to life.  Ms. DaCosta saw the validity in these dance forms; hip hop, dance hall, and even video dances.  She felt that we needed to embrace these youth dances and use them to unite not only people from different cultural but also generations with in the same culture.  Ms. DaCosta believed the way to do this was to preserve the traditional arts from our ancestors land, while also making room to embrace contemporary dance forms.  Thus, creating a respect for each in its original nature and a fusion of many dance forms so that child, parent and grandparent can come together and view them all in unity.


This was the beginning of Batingua Arts  -  “Arts from my ancestors land” setting the foundation for “Unifying people through the arts”









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